Transforming Functional Medicine Practices

LivingMatrix is a cloud-based application that streamlines and automates the paper intake process, maps patient information into the Functional Medicine Timeline and Matrix and makes tracking patients’ progress easy. Save valuable time so you can focus on what you do best – restoring your patients back to health!

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Pricing for Functional Forum Followers


Our shared goal with IFM is to make LivingMatrix an indispensible utility for Functional Medicine Practitioners. We begin by making the application accessible and affordable to practitioners and coaches that wish to use it.

Subscription Options

Our subscriptions are per practitioner. Pick the best subscription option for your situation:


Maximal flexibility and Monthly Payments

Allows you to space payments on a monthly basis. Includes access for all staff (non-practitioners) and no limits on patients.


Maximal value and fastest path to business growth.

10% Subscription Discount, One payment per year, all features of the Standard plan + Access to Advanced VIP features and marketing optimization to grow your practice. (Over $350 additional value)


$12900*per month + setup
  • Monthly Payments $129 each
  • $249 One-time setup fee
  • 1 Practitioner
  • Unlimited Staff
  • Unlimited Patients


$139300*per year + setup
  • Save $155
  • $249 Setup fee
  • 1 Practitioner
  • All Features from Standard
  • Advanced Features and Marketing Consultation
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An IFM Collaboration

In collaboration with IFM, our team tackled one of the major efficiency drains faced by all functional medicine practitioners.

An IFM CollaborationOur team took on the challenge in collaboration with The Institute For Functional Medicine (IFM) to tackle one of the major efficiency drains faced by all Functional Medicine practitioners – patient information management.

Over the last 25 years, IFM has created and thoughtfully refined a wealth of intelligence and tools to enable practitioners to provide Functional Medicine in their communities. Our job was to work with IFM thought leaders to translate these tools that until now have been largely paper-based into the digital medium.

LivingMatrix is ready for you to use, but the process of shaping and perfecting it will never end. As the global leader in Functional Medicine, IFM continues to challenge its own thinking in light of new understanding. We will continue to collaborate to ensure that LivingMatrix always represents the most current information provided by IFM.

“LivingMatrix exemplifies how creative innovators, who understand both Functional Medicine and the needs of today’s practitioners, can build something exciting to engage patients in telling a complete and clear story of their health history.”

~ Laurie Hoffman MPH, CEO, The Institute For Functional Medicine

What Practitioners Are Saying

“LivingMatrix was built with both the art and science of Functional Medicine in mind…”

“The LivingMatrix (LM) is the most exciting project for improving the clinical implementation of Functional Medicine that I have encountered in a decade!”
Kristi Hughes, ND, Director of Medical Education, Institute for Functional Medicine
“LivingMatrix is a fantastic tool that helps translate the patient’s story and history from forms to the functional medicine way of thinking using the matrix and timeline architecture which helps the clinician help the patient.”
P. Michael Stone, MD, MS, IFMCP
“LivingMatrix will not only dramatically increase the efficiency of gathering new patient information, but it will jump-start my confidence in creating and managing the timeline and matrix for my patients.”
Rob Darling, MD, Former White House Physician '96-'99, Chief Telemedicine Officer, Vitalyze.Me